You must know about early autumn these are enchanted the bag is wrapped people ~

2017-06-10 11:06

Pay close attention to fair number " at hand Paris " : Byparis, small gain: Urruolan of at hand Paris, a journey setting out, make beautiful flesh beauty colour, unscramble vogue, share all good things!

Should say what runs quickly? Of fashionable bound taste newly ah this just just does not enter ~ in June, still be in big summer, numerous brand had released early Qiu Xinpin. Actually, the ~ that these wearing in early Qiu Xinpin build dispute of skill, popular element to often have referenced value if you do not think in autumnal moment find oneself at a loss does not know to buy what clothes, what to build to had been wrapped, these are then early Qiu Xinpin people you but must see cough up ~ seriously

A few days ago, chanel Metiers D ' Art Pre-Fall 2017 is on Japanese Tokyo news briefing, lily Rose Depp wears 2017 Paris the garment that cosmopolitan advanced and manual lane takes beautiful. Be in early last year on Parisian news briefing, of Li Li first time maiden going beautiful also was to give Chanel. In May knock gently accept film festival is red on blanket, what Li Li wears also is Chanel newest money. Many acting character are in colour makeup, perfume personally, look old Buddha is to have a special liking very to the girl of heart general home ah ~

Actually, this series will be in last year in December fragrant the public house of Parisian at present that enters square has held Guo Shouxiu. This news briefing, but when those who lie between 3 years is long, choose to be held in Tokyo again oh ~ is in this " Paris is cosmopolitan " in series of advanced and manual lane, old Buddha with " the formal attire when ladies attend late dinner of Li Ci hotel " for inspiration, gabrielle Chanel, The Ritz, The Hemingway Bar. . . . . All element is in around move Paris this classical on inviting city. At the same time such advanced feeling also is reflected in the ~ on the bag

Gem of of all kinds, pearl, velvet wait to pledge with the metal photograph of mark of feeling double C is united in wedlock, advanced good-looking, it is as expected " Chanel " wind full ~

As most " Chanel " series, the price also is very advanced ~ for certain the bag of be bored with of very costly to these looking beauty, the likelihood on collocation wants some more floriferous idea.

If you want a classical bag that agrees with to match daily, that must be carried -- C é Line. C é Line is mad recently go up new probably 100, still keep consistent extremely brief with cool style.

In so much bag, you had seen this certainly classical to the BOX that be no good.

Trumpet Celine Classic Bag In Box Calfskin

Good-sized Celine Classic Bag In Box Calfskin

Middle-sized Celine Medium Classic Bag In Crocodile

Middle-sized Celine Classic Bag In Natural Lizard

This also is the street sends the package that amounts to people to love a back most, daily / diligent / appointment can be done so that decide! Besides thin shoulder back, the hand is taken also is very cruel ~

Yu Bo Chiara Ferragni still has a princess to install Ni · Hai Se osmund loves it very much no matter ~ is melting skirt outfit or academic style, it can Hold must live!

Still have fashionable the Clasp that makes season, this year early autumn the Glasp in series still gave a shoulder to bear a money, inspiration comes from acting 1950 handbag restoring ancient ways, have a ~ of thick feeling of vintage Hollywood fashionable it seems that

Celine Medium Clasp Bag In Natural Calfskin

Celine Medium Clasp Bag In Box Calfskin With Patina

Celine Medium Clasp Bag In Crocodile

This feeling restoring ancient ways explodes the Clasp of canopy, suit spell able duty field females very much, lian Yiping's classmate has!

Be born to be wrapped to the smiling face of Luggage face that be no good with respect to fire, also be this to go up at a heat a lot of newer new fund. Each dimension has of every description ~

Celine Micro Luggage Bag In Drummed Calfskin

Celine Micro Tri-color Luggage Bag In Bullhide Calfskin

Celine Micro Luggage Bag In Bergamote Painted Watersnake

Although the family is having the lovely face of of of foolish of a piece of foolish it seems that, but Neilike is can hold a thing quite, very practical! Also take a picture in street of a lot of star in thick pass now oh ~

Tell the truth, c é Line still loves to give this kind of pictographic package quite. Besides bag of smiling face of this IT BAG, still having two to grow long ribbon to hang down the Belt in both sides, be loved to call catfish to wrap ~ by everybody

Celine Mini Belt Bag In Suede

Celine Mini Belt Bag In Fuzzy Jacquard

Celine Micro Belt Bag In Grained Calfskin

As big hot package, belt harvested not little Ma Dou to love to it. The street of the Liu Wen that express elder sister, RosieHuntington-Whiteley takes li of form that can see it.

Besides including a package, c é Line still was rolled out 2017 early autumn series LookBook, the economic group concept that this season initiates with spring tide of instantly world economy is guide, appear those who go out is the woman figure with a light demeanour as before, more contracted and pure. Among them, the Mu Le shoe that pretends sandal is very conspicuous.

The early Qiu Xinpin that saw this one round is previewed partly, do you have rice to use a fund purposely?

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