Graceful couplet raises quote to come 53 million euro, refus of the Xi Ji in admire talks about futu

2017-07-31 02:04

Occupy Italian football net to report, Graceful couplet will raise 48 million pound to Peilixiji's quote (53 million euro), however rice forward rejects the country answer oneself go taking an issue.

Muliniao hopes to introduce Peilixiji is not what secret any more, began March this year according to saying the negotiation between both sides is in early, but rice is biting the country closely from beginning to end of 55 million euro turn membership due is not put.

Rice was in the country last night Singapore 2-1 conquer Qieerxi, peilixiji of 28 years old harvests a goal between the match, this is more sturdy the resolution that graceful couplet gets capturing Luo Deya's person.

" daily star signs up for " say, muliniao has resented somewhat to club boss, portuguese requirement team raises the Peilixiji below necessary capital autograph.

Local time this morning, peilixiji reachs airport of Ma Erpeng Sa, and got the welcome of fan and media. According to saying, Peilixiji was asked about in the airport turn the thing of the meeting, but his word did not say to go away.

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