Why must Mabuli stay in Beijing? Without giving thought to success or failure, awkward is a steel

2017-07-31 02:04

On July 30, beijing north accuses male basket to hold Mabulijia alliance media meets meeting. In fact, the team that wants Mabuli has several, but to join in north accuses, mabuli is willing fall firewood 1 million dollar. Why must he stay in Beijing?

Because, mabuli's fan, the majority comes from at Beijing. It is in 6 sports season of effectiveness of Beijing head steel, mabuli led team to take 3 total champion, became the urban hero of Beijing. Although many fan prep before of other place see Mabuli, but Beijing fan becomes him all the time baby. In head steel sweeps the floor him below the circumstance that go out, join in the team of another Beijing, it is best choice.

Beijing north accuses male basket to enter CBA3 sports season, always wander downstream in integral a list of names posted up. Go up sports season, they are in 20 team row the 17th. No matter be military successes or attention,spend, north accuses to do not have a law to follow a steel photograph to compare. Two recent sports season, whenever north accuses to be in advocate field is right blast a steel, full-court fan of a head head steel is cheered, north accuses a bit to be not experienced advocate the atmosphere of field.

North accuses the combination with Mabuli, it is one picket double winning business: Accuse to north for, no matter new sports season hits what kind of military successes, the attention that they get is spent can achieve the history new tall, return the heart that can win Beijing fan at the same time, lend this hook in large quantities of one Beijing fan; To Mabuli, the data that does not provide new sports season how, he was finished again battle desire of a year, can stay in Beijing to play a ball game, can let the commercial price of oneself be worth those who get utmost to release.

Anyway, of final awkwardness, it is Beijing head steel. Now, they had borne disloyal bad name, if accuse as north in the military successes in new sports season, still can have more saliva for certain layer of manage of delicious head steel tube.

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