He Wei speaks Si Shuaixuan learns: Dafeier searchs travelling bag, only iron of remnant red book coi

2017-07-31 02:04

The tiger attacks exceed 19 rounds in dispatch on July 30 battle of a focus, shandong Lu Neng advocate the harbor on field 2-1 changeover, latter misses the opportunity that turns over Dadengding exceeding constant the 3rd times. After contest, CCTV chairs He Wei to speak on small gain Sikelali " the order is firm " a philosophical sect in the Wei and Jin dynasties.

He Wei writes in small gain: Dafeier searched travelling bag, the biscuit that becomes moldy besides a few inside, only of remnant is certificate of iron of that one book that fold red, he takes out a piece again.

At present state not the constant of beautiful still precedes greatly on harbor a minute, head of a list of names posted up exceeds in the rank.

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