Face run banging originator, is division comparing how conquer 06 suns? Division comparing: Notch ex

2017-07-31 02:04

Do not know old fan still has impression:

06 divisions are compared can saying is the person blocks homicide, buddha is blocked kill Buddha. But the contest after season faces Bell. 6 matches that Bell comes on the stage, division comparing field all has 24 minutes of 5 secondary attack to still have 4.3 fault only.

G6 Bell bans contest, division comparing chops 50 minutes madly immediately, of Bell defend have really so arrogant?

Defend besides Bell strong outside, more important still is the division change than oneself. Competition ground of division comparing convention all moves 27.2, all move to the series competition ground of the sun 20.7, why does division comparing reduce skill number painstakingly?

Division comparing ever spoke of in interview program:

The sun is to run the pioneer of banging tactics, even if is division comparing faces such team, also be forced to make a change, grab 7 win the contest

Feierjiekexun ever said, hope whole group blends in the match

But if division comparing hopes, he can carry firepower a standard-sized sheet in aggression

How you choose is him the station comes out or... "

The division is more self-confident than continueing answer him why so do, the reason lets him with respect to the characteristic that is sun team must so do: The reason lets him with respect to the characteristic that is sun team must so do::

This depends on who is our adversary

My means has some of team you are to be able to rely on those who exploded to destroy them notch

If I face a such army,I can be done, take away their rhythm

But the sun is not in that way team

I had taken 25 minutes to them, used do not have

They swing you later one face 3 minutes

Want to beat them, you must prevent them to just go. You must prevent them to just go..

Sun of conquer of 06 lakes person, having probably to the knight draw lessons from a meaning

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