Bodasi harvests Ji Jun to appreciate Hanmierdu to abide by acceptance

2017-07-31 02:04

Meisaidesi car hand Waerteli - character of rich tower Si Tan ever worried about Louis - Hanmierdu cannot remand the position, because at that time mark this - Weisidapan has been approached, and oneself are backward teammate 7 seconds above. Finnic acceptance is abided by to express to appreciate to Hanmierdu after contest.

F1 Hungarian station, hanmierdu asks Bodasi invites teammate car, if oneself are insurmountable farad benefit, can remand the position Bodasi. British car hand challenges two farad interest finally feebly, remand Ji Jun in the last tortuous path teammate.

"Far apart at that time, I realize this is a difficult problem, but still remand the position finally at me. " Finnic say, "If your body manages position of the stage that receive award, not be each teammate can remand of the position. Not be each teammate can remand of the position..

"In final phase, I am a bit afraid, because I got the aggression of rear car hand, but should thank Louis to abide by acceptance, return the position me. Return the position me..

"This is motorcade acceptance, if I let him, if he cannot succeed, we can exchange the position. We can exchange the position..

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