Does cruel play 6, it which mobile phone MAX2 of N5S of 360 mobile phones, millet buys is better tha

2017-07-01 00:02

In the smartphone that controls in 1500 yuan, many netizens can choose cruel to play 6, these 3 smartphones undertake MAX2 of N5S of 360 mobile phones, millet comparative, so, does cruel play 6, it which mobile phone MAX2 of N5S of 360 mobile phones, millet buys is better that which mobile phone MAX2 of N5S of 360 mobile phones, millet buys? Below, read today's comparative article together!

One, cruel clique cruel plays 6

Referenced price: 1499 yuan

Exterior respect, cruel plays 6 use common metallic airframe design, have boast to move black dichromatic and as optional as lambency gold, the front deploys 2.5D arc glass, still be postposition dactylogram design, the exterior the quadrature in the compasses in going up, do not have what window.

Configuration respect, cruel plays 6 deploy 5.5 inches of 1080P completely high-definition screen, carry tall Tong Xiaolong 653 in high end 8 nucleuses processor, 6GB old memory and 64GB storage space, the buy before offerring 8 million with postposition double 13 million photograph like element like the head, inside batteries of buy 4060mAh capacity, supportive entire network opens double check double wait for, move be based on An Zhuo the J UI system with 7.1.1 custom-built deepness.

Regard a game as the mobile phone, inside buy intelligence is lukewarm accuse function of frequency modulation technology, Wifi to optimized pair of game experiences to undertake optimizing, cruel group says cruel plays 6 accomplish big play not to get stuck, little game is not calorific in addition, this cruel clique and Tecent, hand swims community TAPTAP reachs collaboration, still made FreshDay of platform of handpick game content for game user, support a variety of functions such as electric contest direct seeding, game direct seeding, clique government returns cruel to reach collaboration with government of much money game, set limit to gives game ceremony package.

The price and appear on the market time aspect, deploy double nucleus + memory of brave dragon 653+6GB + 64GB airframe memory, the smartphone that high end configures in, price only 1499 yuan.

2, N5S of 360 mobile phones

Referenced price: 1699 yuan

360N5S airframe uses double-faced 2.5D glass + design of the casing in the metal, the front displays screen for 5.5 inches of 1080P, back uses technology of grain Fu plated film, photograph not outstanding like the head, airframe side key-press is design of crossed across grain, convenient blind is held.

And in specific norms respect, 360 N5S still carries 8 nucleuses 64 brave dragon 653 processor, and Adreno 510 GPU, deploy 6GB to run memory and memory of airframe of 64GB EMMC 5.1, inside buy 3730mAh batteries, supportive QC3.0 is filled quickly.

360N5S carried scene of a 13 million postposition resembling element, f/2.0 big aperture, supportive PDAF is phasic right anxious; Before buy double photograph, a SamSung 13 million camera lens resembling element, supportive PDAF is phasic right anxious, for 2 million major resembling element depth of field is photographed another like the head. The government alleges, 360 N5S is home PDAF of the first buy before using is phasic the mobile phone that photographs to Jiao Shuang, big aperture empty changes effect can to be turned over than sheet.

360N5S runs the safe system of 360 OS 2.0 that is based on Android 7.1, the tripartite of 50% installs eliminate beforehand application, function of screen of supportive Transform cent and Infinity application are infinite many function, support 6 standards 19 frequency entire network is connected 3.

Android7.0 supports the function that divide hold, but function of former screen giving birth to cent learns cost not only tall, and applied switch measure is trival, use experience is not quite convenient. N5S supports the function that divide hold not only, newer upgraded Transform is operated with getting used to minute of screen, need fence of border of lay off Transform only, procrastinate move a target to apply at screen corresponding position, can achieve minute of hold, the operation is simple and convenient, accord with alternant logic, resemble realizing much window to divide hold on wide screen computer euqally relaxed.

N5S of 360 mobile phones is had illusive black and deep-sea blue match colors of two kinds of airframe.

Price respect, price of N5S of 360 mobile phones 1699 yuan, its version is 6GB+64GB.

3, millet MAX2

Referenced price: 1499 yuan

Exterior respect, millet Max2 uses design of airframe of double-faced complete metal, slam the door design of traditional 3 paragraphs of type, also improved black margin greatly at the same time, provide 6.44 inches of big screen, advocate hit big screen Gao Yan to be worth.

Hardware respect, millet Max2 cent is 3 version, basically be based on storage space to differ, carry tall Tong Xiaolong 625 in carry 8 nucleuses processor, 4GB runs memory, 64GB/128GB storage space, postposition 12 million photograph like element like the head, have excellent performance and take a picture experience.

Price respect, millet Max2 price is 1699 yuan (64GB) mix 1999 yuan (128GB) .

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