Researcher of cetacean fossil help understands contemporary whale how to begin filter feeding habits

2017-07-01 00:02

The contemporary whale such as blue whale or humpback catchs food through coming in will many water air suction opening, like the screen that makes by horny albumen through the upper jaw eduction of baleen general water. They use baleen to filter from inside seawater fish, shrimp or a few plankton. Long-term since, the scientist evolves in the structure that knows baleen hard all the time, because old whale does not have this kind of structure.

The new cetacean fossil of this Coronodon Havensteini that be called is to be in south block Luolaina city Charles pauses around be discovered, researcher is being published at " contemporary biology " the description has to its in a research on the magazine. Coronodon Havensteini is not the oldest cetacean ancestor, but it offerred contemporary whale and the new developmental concern between ancient whale suborder really.

Through studying the tooth of Coronodon Havensteini and body, researcher concludes the means that says this kind of whale differs with two kinds takes food. Of the tooth wear away mode makes clear, ancient whale may bite into catchs prey. But its bodily form and structure also make clear, coronodon Havenstein is not good at taking food at type of so called pounce. Contrary, its are had use at what take food big and wide below molar, take food with quick pump way. Whale carries the water of little space eduction between its tooth next.

The discovery of Coronodon Havensteini fossil conduces to a scientist understanding whale kind species how developmental - indication remote antiquity is cetacean appeared below the circumstance that does not have baleen " filter feeding habits is photographed feed " behavior.

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