The software of so much function, I see for the first time

2017-07-01 00:19

HI, everybody is good I am if really, what share everybody today is muti_function the software of assistant.

Since be called muti_function assistant, there are a lot of functions for certain of course inside.

I introduce one by one for everybody now.

Software is gotten

Everybody also can be in public date (dispatch of network good division)

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Get software

See the interface of software to everybody above all, you know why to be called muti_function assistant

A few functions that say next software simply here

1. chooses two this among them, block screen function, after your friend opens you to send his message, can have the impulse that throws a mobile phone likely, ah breathe out Hahahaha.

This software still has 2. interpreter function, very pretty good. Come out to the interpreter with OK and fast English. Very arrogant.

What next I should introduce 4. is, also be the function that this software counters a day quite, can see VIP movie actually, teleplay.

Really bright is crooked crooked.

Of course this software is more than these functions that I introduce. I did not introduce more functions, waiting for you to disentomb.

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