Scientist city can play this AI system to cast money through satellitic picture

2017-07-01 00:19

You may think, in Telangpu aircraft parking area of a helicopter is built to be able to give a president the residence in Manhadu on the edifice smooth add a heroic spirit. After all, than taking navy without what thing one arrives directly at yourself's skyscraper to be able to symbolize more fortune and influence.

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Admire Ni (the artificial intelligence system that Penny) is an income level that can forecast new York city through satellitic picture and change. Through it when me concise page examines Telangpu when uptown circumstance, show full money is only angry. "Penny very in be certain the dweller income of this area is advanced. " the report says. But icon of a helicopter should choose in my tool column from screen bottom, when pulling it to housetop, penny changed a mind. "Your adjustment brings about Penny to differentiate this area afresh in be low income area " .

"Helicopter aircraft parking area " be fortune is strong and indicative, be? Penny knows a few things that I do not know, still read data by accident? So why to meet does somebody need such tool? If you can answer these questions, can understanding Penny is how move.

Aman Tiwari is Kaneijimeilong the scientist of a computer of the university, his high resolution satellite in new York enclothed census data on image, abound its database through nerve network. (He used census data and satellitic picture to do same business in st. louis, but the domestic income that every model can forecast corresponding city only. But the domestic income that every model can forecast corresponding city only..

Aman Tiwari explains, artificial intelligence begins to rise the visual mode in urban landscape and income connection, different object and appearance appear related to different income level, the parking lot is contacting low income, greenbelt is contacting good-paying, such. Tiwari and data are visible atelier Stamen cooperates, founded an interface to explore these dependency. You can procrastinate at will on this user interface pull bat, solar energy board, building or other thing arrive in your town.

The main purpose that creates Penny is not to design a city, understand artificial intelligence OK and morely after all what to can do however, what cannot do. Normally the circumstance falls, penny basis intuition makes response. Move freeway or parking lot on east area, the income median that artificial intelligence forecasts will be lower. Plus a few brown arenaceous stone and park go to new York the eastpart part, abrupt median increased an income. Penny always can be brought to you a few mysterious. Throw square hotel into area of Ha Lai Mu, let Penny more believe firmly this is area of a low income, although add a tree,also cannot help income tall.

Artificial intelligence violates instinctive condition, highlighted the force of any systems that are based on machine study and limitation. Does Tiwari express: ? Unplug  of billow of  of cheek dispatch extensive owes cheek of Duo  prison to knock badger of brandish fierce ⒁ to fall mu of  ? or the judgement that it makes is full of prunes.

"Occasionally, artificial intelligence is met make a few magical issues, perhaps give out on a few problems very well-advised solution, but to us some moment cannot understand this solution, we are not so clear why its act violates intuition, " Jeff Clune makes a comment. He is the scientist of a computer of Huai Eming city, studied the opaque interior of nerve network is run. "But at the same time, what these systems do not know in that way like what we think is so much, and they often make wrong decision with strange or bewildering means. That is to say, they make casting a lot of time is special inaccurate, because their wrong some moment is apparent.

" such blemish lets many Scientists and Technologists be in everyday interact to it ceaselessly test. For instance the news of Facebook is pushed send, its use algorithm will adjust your company communication to form. Or platform of new computer vision, lens, your mobile phone photograph turned a search into casing like the head. Or the draft of accident avoid technology of tesla car. Even if those artificial intelligence engineers that created these products, also cannot understand the decision that these complex system place make completely.

Penny lets us be able to witness artificial intelligence and machine to learn the meaning to the city. "This science and technology is not to decide to whether find a place for in the courtyard in you wall of a fence, how do understanding a machine to help us however produce effect to our world, " Jordan Winkler of manager of product of company of his number world says. This company provided satellitic picture for this one project. But he expresses, penny basically is to let people understand artificial intelligence and machine study how to work, what can perhaps do.

Admire Ni handled this task well, reduced the time that the user explores effectively. If of admire Ni inchoate forecast the expectation that accords with an user, they won't go further examine the accuracy of this system. They can think artificial intelligence is very clever only. Does Clune say: ? Stop? of Jue rice huller the well well that in artificial intelligence kingdom everything undertakes is orderly, but actually the thing of backside wants complex much. " only ceaseless beautiful time is explored with this system intercurrent expect not similar result wrongly with people now, you just can begin to oppugn the dependability of its result, and the principle that it works.

We return Telangpu again the example of the edifice, increase aircraft parking area of a helicopter to be able to reduce the income that forecast to cultivate, because helicopter aircraft parking area is the negative factor of the influence, be because added an element,still and changed other money relevant feature? The element that whether can we assume the decision of admire Ni is based on a few independence so for instance arboreous, helicopter or building, still see all elements you can produce an effect from whole? Do not have friendly intercourse to go up somehow for, penny is a very valuable tool, because it lets people,ponder over the working mechanism of its backside.

In current version, the solution that the problem that this model causes offers than it is more. Clune says, a solution is the community that lets a model produce low, medium, good-paying. To artificial intelligence, this task more resembling is to writing a paper, is not exam of a multinomial choice. It can let people be in with Penny in interacting, more comprehensive ground understands what what it sees, those who know with the care.

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