3 level that the smartphone develops

2017-07-01 00:19

The smartphone is going along the development route of computer, we need to be clear that the history of computer develops what orbit can be clear about to know a smartphone only next will how, regrettablly is, we lack the capacity of the sort of study, summary, the ignorance that then we must be us is dauntless and pay tuition.

Computer altogether experienced 3 development level. The first phase is phase of the fundamental technology research and development of computer, promotion, this phase basically is by operating system software, central processor dominant of technology of sex of these two foundations, and backside of technology of sex of these two foundations is Microsoft and Intel alliance controlling. Computer develops level in this, it is the technical drive with Microsoft, Intel is given priority to, as consumer, they can get used to operating system and the property value of central processor passively only. Of course fundamental sex technology still includes memory, show etc, nevertheless these fundamental sex technologies are before the operating system, processor central their value is a few lower.

After gaining ground when computer, client new requirement appeared, and diversification of this kind of demand, this gives all sorts of application software and administrative software the chance with development. Do not cross this kind of software intermediate (application software and administrative software) can solve single applied problem only, perhaps say they can solve a few simple problems only, and can not solve complex problem. Because of these intermediate software, it is a kind of tool only, this kind of tool cannot bring a client to value perhaps says their itself and cannot satisfy potential requirement of the client truly quite directly quite, only benefit creates new client value with this kind of tool, so the value ability that they exist is able to reflect quite.

Then computer entered phase of the 3rd development, this phase is the network technology of all of computer science department, offer efficiency value for the client not only so, and still offer effect value for the client, develop this level namely, computer can will aggregate information, offer distinctive settlement for the client through computation the plan of the problem. Went to what this development phase basically can achieve pair of original market structure and interest structure to overturn, it is straight only so far, such situation has not come.

Is smartphone domain also develop along such method? The contention battle of the fundamental sex technology that the first phase is whole industry perhaps says is systems of pair of whole industry modes of life and relation to their environment model. In this phase for instance the ISO operating system that is an apple is mixed Anzhuo operating system of Gu Ge is right the contention battle of prospective hegemony, also be them at the same time contend for battle to prospective ecosystem fictile, the apple modelled an ecosystem that close, and the ecosystem that Gu Ge shaped a development. In the development phase of the mobile Internet of information age, the author thinks to close quality more the affection that accords with a person admits need, closing is prospective mainstream.

Gain ground when the smartphone after changing, intermediate software also obtained the scope that high speed expands, for instance drop of small letter, drop takes a taxi etc, these intermediate software solved the problem of information asymmetry, what perhaps say they are solved is the problem of efficiency, is not consumer itself the pursuit problem to value.

Then natural excessive the 3rd level that reached to develop, it is phase of development of network intelligence calculative. Aggregate is a person entirely on the smartphone, and these people are according to person of things of one kind come together with group the fashion group of cent is together, they with organizing a company oneself group on Internet of means consist in, had a person with multitudinous foundation, the intelligent computation of the network had sufficient play room. As to how to commercialize its, have a such words, what the sale increases is sale, what the negotiation grows is profit, that is to say intelligent computation should be fulfilled truly, so premise is must with organize a company oneself group spread out interactive, communication, pass computational analysis, mining gives their real need, can overturn not only so system of whole modes of life and relation to their environment, and more important is to eliminate management risk thoroughly, do not have the person's polymerization, interactive, communication so, also cannot realize intelligent computation truly so, also cannot mention overturn, such? The history is being performed, we can be watched patiently

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