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2017-07-01 00:19

Before period of time, the nimble that the message says Tianjin cat eye will make over its hold is connected infinite 68.55% equity give the light medium. The cession of equity of net ticket net will promote and consolidate cat eye is in the portion of ticket Wu market.

And recently, alibaba bought an India the major equity of TicketNew of company of online ticket Wu. Look platform of online ticket Wu has picture of two home appliance the meaning that enlarges market dimensions.

Actually 2015 is the ticket fills one year big fight is the most intense, website of each ticket Wu uses a flow for race to control, roll out low reach ten yuan even a few yuan movie ticket.

Began what consume as the user to upgrade to appeal to reason is returned to inside course of study ceaselessly with industry leader 2016, ticket filling dimensions begins cut, the film consumes the market to tend reason is changed, movie ticket fills entered winter.

Before a few years, after the fierce fight that experienced the buy ticket after normal time that burn money, online ticket Wu returned to the film normal course.

At the beginning of 2017, baidu polished glutinous rice calls a catchword that should return to O2O commerce essence, dedicated sell at insider bill Wu taste business of information unifinication solution, cinema to encircle position advertisement, film to be changed subtly issue wait for a domain to explore innovation, formed particular poor dissimilation to develop way.

And cat eye film is in after recombining with the light, quickened zoology layout, with " Internet + the film " integrated platform is development direction, make the long chain of movie entire industry, make ticket of the announce hair among and downstream courtyard line, carry out, consumer, service from upriver investment, want to share among them each stage, make the downstream and complete commercial product matrix on perforative movie industry.

Small film times is capacity of big data of oneself of have the aid of, offer for whole industry truly accurate, effective, but the data analysis that the hole sees prospective trend, of industry of the movie that help strength grow.

Of course industry of the movie in A also won't lag behind at other platform in a new year of course. The near future, the ticket that tax a bank note announces to already finished the shift that receives actor cruel, UC, Gao De to carry App, already received before Jiashangzhi pay the platform such as treasure, small gain.

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