Mobile phone of millet of Wu Yifan acting character, can you still buy millet mobile phone?

2017-07-18 10:09

Next OV is online selling so good, who be the metropolis is jealous, millet is not exceptional also, the market on the line already hasten is bordering on saturation, best outlet is below the line. The speed of the home that millet opens millet is mad simply, highest when a day in 14 inn at the same time practice, what the home of millet leaves is much, have a very old corrupt practice however, that is millet mobile phone do not suit sterling operation, gain is too small, millet wants to compete with OV, must fall to roll out a mobile phone alone for the line. Inchoate moment thinks novice machine calls La Mi X1, look now, still can introduce millet brand, call millet 5X.

Since advocate make a line, affirmative meeting asks star acting character, it who just ask is good to who just ask? OPPO becomes what recreation encircles at a draught Gong Xiaoxian flesh catch the whole lot in an action, do not want to go out really which actor still does not have acting character mobile phone. Wu Yifan is honorable before this the spokesman of 8, after contract expires China regard honor as the spokesman of 9 to signed Hu Ge again, wu Yifan was invited by millet actually. Just do not know everybody can acknowledge the superiority or seniority of?

Millet 5X of Dai Yan uses Wu Yifan 5.5 flower 1080p displays screen, carry tall Tong Xiaolong 625 processor, 4GB carry is put + the memory combination of 64GB ROM, fixed position and China like be Nova, advocate play style, price is controlled 1999 yuan.

The millet 5X of Wu Yifan acting character, can be you bought?

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