ARKit plays a way newly: The mobile phone takes a picture caky be in sky!

2017-07-22 00:03

Original title: ARKit plays a way newly: The mobile phone takes a picture caky be in sky!

Apple at ARKit was being rolled out on WWDC17 in June, make IPhone makes know exactly how things stand between night the platform of the biggest AR of 100 million users. Discovery of net of thunder sharp edge is in numerous ARKit innovation, the picture caky innovation yielded us this to see the possibility of a lot of application.

Dan Monaghan gave an App that the name is Float0 with ARKit development. A series of pictures that Flota uses ARKit to let a mobile phone film still float in sky, can turn any setting into a photograph to reveal a center.

This App supports every second 60fps, can one-time present 150 pieces of pictures. Dan Monaghan is in his rich guest respecting: "A lot of people very indulge this visional experience, this App does not have defer almost, also can undertake be trackinged very well in nightly environment. Also can undertake be trackinged very well in nightly environment..

Monaghan is fabricant of content of a movie and TV / digital artist, he says he is imagined there had been photograph in suspension a few years in aerial setting so, and just do with ARKit recently, z the first App that this also is him. The originality that can see ARKit aroused all circles personage to go up in AR makes enthusiasm, the doorsill also is not very tall. In Lei Feng the net looks, this technology used ARKit to realize Inside-out to track namely, can make fictitious object fixed be in setting. Still be real time only at present the photograph flows, monaghan is exploring more curious and eccentric picture to present means in actively.

Net of thunder sharp edge thinks although this technology looks not difficult, but can have a lot of interesting application setting probably. If go to this technology conformity for example such picture socialization applies Instagram in, can get giant positional information and picture material. For example, be in when you a scenery scenic spot the place travels, you raise the commemoration day that the mobile phone can see the others of the suspension in air is patted to illuminate. You also can mix yourself the each point that photograph lock of the lover reachs in you, only your mobile phone can solve a lock, can be very sweet gift.

Intermediary reporter Rhett Jones speaks outside: "Probably you think at present this floats the technology of the photograph resembles is an experiment, but wait to see when you Zakebaige ravels this technology bale when entering Instagram, not be startled. " Rhett Jones is to be in suggestive the incident that plunged into Kebaige to use the function of a Story in Snap to Instagram last year. Likely to Zakebaige " borrowed " oneself originality is commented on this, monaghan appears very happy, he thinks to be able to explain this his small innovation is an idea that wants simply to everybody search so.

CEO library of the apple is overcome all the time very value AR technology, cooke ever predicted AR becomes next IPhone likely, and now of malic ARKit roll out, also live what blend in AR people with IPhone, we one day may " depend on AR technology like depending on a mobile phone " the world.

What did AR change after all? Is people right of AR just needed where to be again? In be being interviewed when Schiller of senior vice president once released 10 weeks in IPhone, say, "People forgot to reveal (Display) value and importance. 10 years a few great innovation of IPhone were revealing this all the time in the past on one hand. Revealing is forever won't antiquated. I still like to take a picture and like to see a picture, an aeriform sound cannot let me see the photograph is what appearance. " intangible acoustical value must be to resemble Alex such speech assistant.

Net of thunder sharp edge can'ts help curious, how can you enjoy these caky pictures?

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