5G network came, does your house give 3 big operation trader even in the evening?

2017-07-31 00:27

The load capacity of the network is finite, as join the leap of the facility amount of wireless network, of spectrum resource rare be short of become one of main problems. What 5G technology uses is millimeter wave (technology of 26.5 ~ 300GHz) , this one technology increased spectrum bandwidth greatly, what can satisfy more equipment is laden, promoted the bandwidth of the network greatly, also need not fear in the person much local network card pauses again. Although 5G technology has so much advantage, but each technology has not matured completely, distance implementation business is used still need period of time, introduce according to relevant enterprise, 5G technology hopeful is used in official 2020 investment. Nevertheless to small making up what care more is, communication endowment is expended whether drop, after all the endowment cost of 4G is quite expensive still.

Although millimeter wave solved bear problem, but weakness is apparent also, penetration difference, attenuation is his greatly main problem, because this wants to allow millimeter wave frequency paragraph it is not easy that the 5G below corresponds to be transmitted below the environment, and small base the powerful weapon that stand even if solves this one problem. Mobile will depend on prospective 5G no longer large base the cloth of the station establishs a framework, many small-sized base the station will make new trend, it can be enclothed big base the end that the station cannot touch corresponds, be in for example signal is bad a mountainous area. Because of bulk narrow considerably, operation business can be in every city deploy thousands of small base station in order to form concentrated network, every base the station is OK from other base the station receives signal and transmit data to the user of any positions. Next, small base the power comsumption of the station also decreases greatly.

5G also is called " technology of mobile communication of the Five Dynasties " , it is the standard that establishs by 3GPP. 5G net fast the 10-100 that is current 4G network times, download speed is 1-10Gbps. Accompanying a net fast promotion, the endowment cost of 5G network still will drop further, the expert predicts endowment cost will fall to current 1/3 to 1/4 level.

UniCom: Of affront say one is " help the fool that does not rise up " , because be versed in letter ministry moves to avoid too powerful form forestall, so classics regular meeting gives UniCom a lot of privilege and give aid to, although there is best WCDMA in the hand, but as a result of decision-making always shift of delay of sluggish of development of pendulous, technology, sale does not have new idea, service not to reach the designated position wait for oneself problem to miss a lot of auspicious opportunities.

Telegraphic: Although opposite for the novice that telecommunication is mobile phone business, but old solid saying and experience of broadband battalion carry make its also became sale veteran, the broadband ad that sees him, in those days small well-informed promotion reachs all sorts of endowment cost to know. Although telecommunication is taken is UniCom " abandon " CDMA rots this card, but the quite clever solid word that thinks of to use oneself and business of mobile phone of promotion of broadband business advantage, because sale is proper, user increase rate is very high, caught up with UniCom very quickly.

Every second a few (we are current the net of the mobile phone fast every second with respect to hundreds of Kb) net fast should support on 10 thousand users;

The net of every second 1G fast the employee that can offer same office floor at the same time;

Tens of join of 10 thousand can support numerous inductive deploy at the same time;

Compare at 4G, spectrum utilization rate ought to get buildup significantly;

Enclothe limits to get ameliorative;

Signal efficiency gets buildup;

Compare at LTE, defer will be reduced greatly

So called " smartphone battle " it is close it seems that come 5 years the catchword of intellectual property industry. No less than is most " war " same, smartphone war results from an indirect and revolutionary technology changes: 4G. Jury still does not have there's still time to make clear Hunan apple, Gu Ge and SamSung after all who just is smartphone battle win the home, of telegraphic industry win the home to had appeared, that is connected high namely. Connect high had its research changing showing not only, still become to make 4G the nuclear mental efforts of occupation standard is measured. Although other player also actively try hard to catch up, but still not enemy Gao Tongjiang's large patent reserve, these patent technologies can accelerate 4G traversal speed, be in especially respect of base band processor.

Begin to plan network of 5G of research and development as whole world (roll out want 3-5 after year) , tycoon of science and technology waits to also fight bravely in effort like apple, SamSung, Intel, in order to maintain them the lead position in group of 5G network technology.

Everybody wait and see what happens greeting comment spits groove

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