Malic fruit pink is grumous to OPPO interest, be as high as 18.7% to exceed old user

2017-07-31 00:27

Sign up for data to show according to the 2 quarters money that malic company announced May this year, IPhone mobile phone appears in the sales volume of global market piece glide trend, especially the Chinese market in one of 5 big markets, the sales volume declining tendency of IPhone mobile phone is more apparent. Investigate its germ, I ever had had detailed analysis in preamble, among them is the rise that comes from Chinese smartphone manufacturer and concussion namely, for example China is, OPPO, millet. So, in autumn IPhone new machine comes before, this kind of phenomenon will last for some time, although research organization Counterpoint gives out,data makes clear the overlord that IPhone is type of Chinese market high end as before.

Of course, the data of Counterpoint communicated the position of market of type of IPhone high end on certain level; But, cannot give those who deny is IPhone sales volume is not had look doubt by the pressure of Chinese smartphone manufacturer. According to surpassing Nuo findings report shows, the OPPO R11 that releases before long before OPPO of homebred smartphone manufacturer attracted users of many malic mobile phone, even user of malic mobile phone changes new machine chooses what the scale of OPPO R11 wants old user of prep above OPPO to occupy than 18.1% , achieve 18.7% .

See not hard from which, this type of OPPO is put in very large competition dominant position in real market truly. Nevertheless, stand in another angle consideration, OPPO mobile phone why can loot Where is user of so much malic mobile phone? After integration analysis, the individual thinks to basically have the reason brought about afore-mentioned phenomena to happen at 3 o'clock.

Reason one: IPhone oneself appeal drops, fruit pink abandons actively

What describe in above paragraphs of no less than is same, IPhone mobile phone slides in the sales volume in Chinese market, besides impetus of manufacturer of Chinese mobile phone driving outside, its oneself also exists to let fruit pink not less people pink turns the element of passerby: IPhone exterior design can't stimulate an user to continue to consume; Camera takes a picture to wait without beautiful Yan Gongneng, it is the condition that causes prediction of a person's luck in a given year of fruit pink user.

Watch homebred smartphone instead, like OPPO, millet, China be in exceptionally to be not had almost at present advocate dozen take a picture United States colour. Because partial function accords with the effective demand of Chinese consumer, because this is automatical capture the heart of the user.

Reason 2: Yan Zhi of exterior of OPPO mobile phone is more conspicuous than IPhone appreciably

Tell the truth, if talk the smartphone operation on market is fluent now if spending, IPhone mobile phone dare say the 2nd nobody dare say the first. Also be based on a such advantage just about, come 10 years the whole world that the apple accumulates the active user of billions of; But as the thinking of consumer choose machine mode happening changes, be absent not only when proceed with new machine pay attention to price of so called sex to compare, to the exterior of the smartphone at the same time design demand rose an administrative levels.

Change character, no matter homebred smartphone system moves fluent, above all good is good-looking. And OPPO R11 is suit without doubt of methodology of this choose machine match type, become so after throw on the market far the favour that than appearing on the market one year the IPhone7/7P of time can gain young customer more. Moreover, the user group of IPhone is main also be a youth, OPPO advocate dozen vogue, take a picture, the certainly will such as Yan Zhi is contended for grab its user.

Reason 3: The channel below line of OPPO mobile phone and sale advertisement are strong at IPhone

Sales volume of millet mobile phone begins to appear from 2015 reduce a current, on one hand as a result of itself regular be in short supply is brought about; The manufacturer that is the king that this kind of line issues OPPO namely on the other hand competes, both union brought up the condition before millet mobile phone is early. Accordingly, from which we see OPPO mobile phone is online not hard the laid of next channel should excel millet, excel an apple; And add go up malic company hits advertising frequency in Chinese market not tall, can produce certain effect to user choose machine apparently.

In addition, OPPO mobile phone is good at using when red star Dai Yan, discharge is added hold certainly to exceed malic IPhone.

Place of on put together 3 fields is narrated, OPPO R11 can surmount the user faithfulness of malic IPhone to spend, be not without the truth; It is exterior of OPPO mobile phone instead after Yan Zhi promotes, IPhone user flowed to OPPO to have a lot of. It is the judgement according to my individual only, after autumn apple company rolls out IPhone new machine this year, will break pattern of this kind of pattern. After all, system of IOS new version joined many fresh functions, get fruit pink user greatly people expect.

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