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2017-07-31 00:27

As on-the-job field also calculates small the person that becomes somewhat, I followed the prescribed order to had made a kind of habit everyday, but cannot think of quiet life,was lifted by athletics game of warm blood billows. Since the mad tide that stepped into athletics game main forces, I send irremediable, days of the recreation when leisure became playtime, but jotter takes the business affairs before not to have large game at all, can want to buy a game to be mixed again originally the picture wind of business affairs nots agree with, because this is in of friend how was a ThinkPad bought strongly below benefit black 2017, the outside and doughty immanent joint of business affairs my need, expect today long already arrived eventually. Black 2017, eventually when you, not bad I did not abandon, can you make me disappointed?

Right black 2017 first impression namely 44 square small black this, composed and easy design language lets its athletics in make public this in be additional kind, a flock of killing resemble under photograph comparing Matt youth and a veteran cadre, appear very composed and low-key. Be not puzzled by its outside place absolutely however, what the someone goes is connotation course. Having Intel I7 processor (standard voltage edition) core cerebra, it is current top class processor, cooperate to show Geforce GTX1050Ti alone, the indication effect with be offerred better and moving function, still have pattern of auxiliary SSD+HDD double hard disk, can promote a capacity, realize the promotion of high speed function, I just know after personal experience it has much extraordinary after all.

My worst to predecessor jotter impression is, once gave jotter not carefully fell, hard disk is damaged, the whole project file on at hand was lost. Accordingly, it is OK that I want the jotter of safety of hardware of better protection computer. And black 2017 successive ThinkPad APS hard disk protects a technology, solved my trouble back at home, it can decrease to be in read the hard disk that writes condition to fall to cause magnetic head cut because of accident collision dish piece attaint, should decline, when the accident circumstance such as collision happens, if hard disk and data are protected like safe gasbag. Cooperate the combination of solid state hard disk and mechanical hard disk, the data that assures computer with software and hardware means won't be damaged because of the accident and lose.

When work, my computer may connect one pile peripheral, printer, electrograph, get online close key, mobile hard disk, earphone is waited a moment, that jotter interface is not worth before, my crossing-over is worn the circumstance of use interface, and head of equipment join electrify still needs proper reaction time, this comes bout wastes many time with respect to need. And black will 2017 two side setting is controlled to have sort in airframe various interface, no matter such interface amount and setting are to use daily office or furtive game recreation, absolutely more than sufficient.

I often am away on official business outside, can encounter a client to want me to pass a few data to perhaps alter project document to him occasionally, if at that time my jotter does not have report, that is haematemesis really! And black the 2017 newest Intel that embark cruel farsighted I7 processor, while function promotes considerably, power comsumption was reduced instead a lot of, because this is black ability of 2017 add boat it is very outstanding. In quiet mode, brightness the circumstance of 100% falls, enough of long add boat lets a person be at ease use.

Write finally

Black 2017 outside air, hardware tip is configured, protect sort of technology, interface plus APS hard disk various, no matter be the major that runs high strenth in the office,apply accordingly or loosen in the home play top class game to blow hard it can be answered easily, can say, the jotter that a such office, family expenses, recreation all can be competent, just we need.

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