Adam, a Canadian, has worked and lived in Zhengzhou for many years. During the summer vacation, he visited many places in Zhengzhou. One day, he said that he would visit the Yellow River.

Adam, 在郑州工作和生活了多年的加拿大籍小伙。暑假,他游览了郑州的很多地方。这天,他说,他要“游”黄河……

Zhengzhou, an ancient capital nestled in the arm of the mother river, is one of the origins of Chinese civilization.


The Zhengzhou Yellow River is over 160km long from west to east, connecting the Loess Plateau and the Huanghuai Plain. Peach Blossom Valley in Xingyang is the boundary of the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River.


Zhengzhou, a major node city along the Yellow River basin, is the starting point of the thousand-li "aboveground river", the apex of the Yellow River alluvial fan, and the top of the delta on the North China Plain.


These features of the Zhengzhou Yellow River reveal that Zhengzhou is at the core of Yellow River culture.


In Zhengzhou, there are lots of rare and well-preserved historical sites and ruins relating to Yellow River culture.


A series of archaeological discoveries such as the Shang Dynasty City ruins, Dahe Village ruins, and Peiligang ruins proves Zhengzhou is one of the eight ancient capitals of China. This makes Zhengzhou an important location for seeking cultural origins.


In Zhengzhou, there are two world cultural heritage sites, which are the Historic Monuments of Dengfeng in "The Centre of Heaven and Earth" and the Zhengzhou section of Tongji Canal of the Grand Canal of China.


The Yellow River surges ahead, carrying a lot of sediment. As the saying goes, "A bowl of water scooped from the zigzagging Yellow River contains half a bowl of sand and mud."


In 2007, Chengni Inkstone was listed in the first compendium of intangible cultural heritage of Henan Province. It is people-based active cultural heritage. Clay figurine artists who have lived by the Yellow River for generations use the Yellow River mud to make decorative brick carvings, restore the Yellow River inkstone through firing, and produce tea sets with the Yellow River mud containing golden particles, etc. It represents one of the best ways of inheriting Central Plains culture and the Yellow River civilization.


Wetlands are hailed as "the kidney of the earth".


Along the Zhengzhou Yellow River, there is a vast expanse of water and mudflats, alongside diverse types of wetlands. The Yellow River Cultural Park boasts fresh and moist air, swaying reeds and wild animals, which are rarely seen in the downtown area, brimming over with vigor and vitality.


Next, Zhengzhou aims to construct a national greenway along the Yellow River within its jurisdiction, featuring highlights such as natural scenery, Yellow River culture, and slow life. Zhengzhou is forging ahead with the construction of the demonstration area for ecological protection along the river course. This will serve as a protected and insulated corridor upon completion. It will present breathtaking scenes along the riverside roads.


“I'm eager to join Zhengzhou in spreading the history of Chinese civilization and Yellow River culture.”





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